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National Tea Party Convention - Nashville TN, Feb 4 - 6, 2010

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We will share information from the National Tea Party Convention in Nashville here.  Check the Tea Party Nation website for additional information, including future event plans.  For example, Tea Party Express is launching a new bus tour to various rallies across the country.  It will kick off on March 27 in Searchlight, NV, where Sarah Palin will speak again.  Tea Party Nation is also starting to work on plans for a western regional event tentatively scheduled for July 15-17.
C-Span coverage of Sarah Palin's speech to the National Tea Party Convention on February 6.  There are also links to the panel about "Where the Tea Party Movement Goes from Here" and "Precinct Organizing Best Practices".  C-Span also sells videos, such as Sarah Palin's speech.
March 2, 2010 - Sarah Palin appearance on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno includes some brief comments about the Tea Party movement
PJTV covered the National Tea Party Convention.  For those who chose not to attend, or were unable to do so, this link includes many videos - some of which may require free registration to view.
Andrew Breitbart ( gave an excellent speech at the National Tea Party Convention - as covered on Fox News.  You can also find links to his keynote speech here.

Please, anybody who believes in the Tea Party movement, share this speech with all of your friends. They may have seen Sarah Palin's speech, but probably missed this one. You had to be there to fully appreciate it. The convention in Nashville was even better than expected.  Let your friends know about the PJTV coverage as well, so that they can see many of the sessions and interviews of attendees.

We've got a lot of work ahead of us in the primaries and to prepare for the general election. The time to win this fight is right now - not at the end of October.  It will require sustained and effective outreach among disillusioned voters and strong support of better candidates over the months ahead.

Angela McGlowan also gave a rousing speech to the crowd on Feb 4, followed by a long speech by Joseph Farah of WorldNetDaily, who unfortunately chose to start his speech with a "birther" message.  That was sufficient to help the liberal news media further denigrate everyone who was in attendance.

Sarah Palin interview with Chris Wallace on Fox News Sunday

Champion News had several stories about the convention, which editor John Biver attended, and about the Tea Party movement in general.  They also invited Bruce Donnelly of SurgeUSA to discuss it on their February 14 radio talk show, including emphasis on individuals at the local level as the real leaders.
bulletFebruary 5 - From the National Tea Party Convention in Nashville, by John Biver
bulletFebruary 6 - From the National Tea Party Convention - Day 2
bulletFebruary 7 - At the National Tea Party Convention - Day 3
bulletFebruary 8 - Sarah Palin closes out the National Tea Party Convention
bullet Grassroots Means You
bulletFebruary 3 - Like a lot of election days, a mixed bag indeed (primary results - Part 1)
bulletFebruary 4 - further thoughts on the primary outcome (Part 2)
bulletFebruary 16 - Searching for a political Edwards Deming (Part 2) - see also Part 1
SmartGirlPolitics led an interesting breakout session about voter registration work and shared other information online about the National Tea Party Convention from start to finish.  Note that SGP offers political training information online to members.
Gateway Pundit Jim Hoft was blogging from Nashville, with several interesting reports such as
bullet 4 anti-Tea Party protesters show up briefly to try to attract media attention.  It was pathetic.  The news media, for the most part, wasn't falling for it this time.  The protesters gave up and left.
bulletReport on the Andrew Breitbart keynote speech
bulletLiveblogging the Sarah Palin keynote speech
Founding Bloggers shared many photos and comments about the National Tea Party Convention.  They also put out a video, "Talking Tea", on  Note that there is some language in this clip which may offend some viewers.

InstaPundit Glenn Harlan Reynolds contributed an OpEd in the Washington Examiner on Feb 7 - Nashville shows Tea Party is America's Third Great Awakening

Feb 12 - What I saw at the Tea Party Convention - by "Publius", on

Mark Levin had an interesting opening commentary regarding the National Tea Party Convention and the future of conservative activism in his show of February 8.


Miss me yet?  Minnesota billboard of George W. Bush along I-35 sponsored by local businessmen.  The Tea Party folks may not miss George W. Bush in many respects, but they sure miss Ronald Reagan and the conservative principles of our founding fathers and Republican statesmen like Abraham Lincoln.

February 10, 2010 - Fox News - Anti-Tea Party website part of scheme to funnel funds - Comment: As exposed recently when it tried to target some Republican candidates unsuccessfully in the Illinois primary, there's a new attack website which is funded by Democratic lawyers and unions, as well as a group previously supported in 2008 by money from the Democratic Governors Association.  This is just another "astroturf" initiative by progressives who see their illusory power quickly falling apart.
Information published prior to the National Tea Party Convention follows below
January 30, 2010 - "Tea Party vs. Tea Party" - Eric Odom seized his opportunity through Fox News to promote an event in Dallas and his plans for another one in Valley Forge, PA while needlessly spreading misinformation about the National Tea Party Convention without actually checking the facts about it or presenting them fairly.  He was personally invited from the start to speak at the Nashville event, but chose to promote his own new events and plans instead, and present himself as a national spokesman.
January 28, 2010 - The AP reports that Michele Bachmann has cancelled her appearance at the National Tea Party convention in Nashville.  2 lawmakers drop out of Tea Party Convention

If you still trust the liberal news media to tell you the truth about Tea Party groups, you're in the wrong place.  The statists are doing their best to stir up trouble.  Don't fall for it.

See the Setting the Record Straight message from the Tea Party Convention organizers in Nashville.

This event was never about having politicians speak to the attendees. It is about local Tea Party organizers, as the real leaders of this movement, talking to each other about how to have a larger impact in 2010.  The original idea was to have roughly 500 local organizers meet to share "lessons learned" and expand their collaboration on preparations for 2010 primaries and the general election campaigns.  It sold out - with around 600 attendees plus another 500 or so who were on the waiting list because they wanted to be there, but space constraints at the hotel would not allow for a larger meeting.  In any case, the point is that the goal wasn't to have the largest possible meeting.  It was to have a useful meeting.

It has been subject to repeated attacks by liberal reporters in Nashville, so there's little that is new in the AP story. The event price reflects the cost to organize such an event - not an attempt to profiteer from the Tea Party movement.  Some of those who have reportedly pulled out have been organizing competing events recently.  They seem to forget to mention that when talking to reporters, and in some cases have been leading large fundraising initiatives of their own.

For example, there have been similar media attacks on the fundraising and spending by Tea Party Express. Others are trying to promote an event in Washington DC on April 15, and a meeting in Valley Forge, PA.  There are also some groups which are promoting their training or consulting services for conservative activists.

That is OK - there is a need for more professionalism and a sharper focus on how to achieve better outcomes - but we need not distrust or vilify each other by playing into the games which the news media plays to try to stir up controversy, such as by trying to isolate and attack the organizers.  Gee, where have I heard about that strategy before?

Think about it. If hundreds of thousands of Tea Party supporters are encouraged to go to DC again at their own expense, how many millions are wasted by them in that process? What is achieved, since Congress obviously has no intention of listening to them, even if millions of people were to show up?  What would happen if those millions were targeted instead on the most relevant candidates?  If you keep spending all of your time, energy, and money on futile protests, who wins in November?  We need to stop protesting and "pivot" to the challenge of winning the primaries and general election.

Some of the Tea Party and 9/12 critics of this event should wise up about being suckered by the news media and statists into attacking their peers. The liberals are scared of this event because it risks making the Tea Party movement far more relevant and effective as a serious threat to their chances to fool Americans yet again and stay in power after November 2010.  They weren't as worried about it until after they lost in Massachusetts recently.  Now, they're scared - as shown by some unexpected retirement decisions and increased attacks. 

This is just the beginning.  Massachusetts was just the opening shot.  We have just begun to fight - and we're in this fight to win.  The Illinois primary is next - followed by Texas, Ohio, Indiana, and others.  Voters need to provide political hospice care in every state (end of political careers).

A National Tea Party Convention will be held at the incredible Opryland Hotel in Nashville, TN from February 4 - 6, 2010.  This is a private event for Tea Party organizers and volunteers nationwide, including 9/12 Project groups and other conservatives who support the movement. 

The purpose is to bring together local Tea Party leaders from many groups and share experience and ideas in preparation for the 2010 primary and general elections as well as other work in 2010.  This includes outreach among local business leaders nationwide (large and small) and other relevant groups of interest to independent voters.  It is not a public political protest or media event.

Sarah Palin has been confirmed by Tea Party Nation as the featured speaker at this event.
Registration and event details are at  
Obama recently told the US Conference of Mayors that they can tell him the truth - after the cameras are off.  Where is the outrage from the news media or the hypocrites at Media Matters about this?  I don't recall them expressing outrage about the press not being invited to record all Center for American Progress leadership meetings, or Organizing for America or ACORN meetings.

If the news media had actually done their job as independent, professional investigative journalists rather than as politically partisan hacks in the 2008 election cycle, there wouldn't have even been a need for a Tea Party movement in 2009, so we really aren't interested in media attempts to interfere with our work in the 2010 election cycle.  As Obama says, you can turn your cameras off and stay outside the room while we speak the truth for a change and develop our own plans.  Go ask your friends in the Congressional leadership when they are going to open their doors to your scrutiny.  We aren't the ones who promised to provide transparency and broadcast everything on C-Span.

Leaders know where they are going - blog post at Tea Party Nation about this event.  Another interesting recent article is Obama’s Atomic Bomb: The Ideological Clarity of the Democratic Agenda
The fee for this 3 day event is $549 plus a $9.95 processing fee.  This includes the Sarah Palin dinner and the full program, including other meals as listed in the Schedule of Events.  More details will follow soon.  This is not a free public appearance by Sarah Palin.  It is a private dinner event, with no news media invited.

To reserve a hotel room, follow the link on that site and use code TEA10  Suggested arrival for travel plans: early afternoon of Feb 4, departure on the morning of Feb 7.  A special room rate of $110 to $175 plus tax is available.  This is a very substantial discount for this resort hotel.

Please sign up at Tea Party Nation to receive information about the event plans as they are announced.  Additional suggestions follow below for potential attendees, sponsors and speakers.
January 17, 2010 - There have been some new attempts to smear the reputations of the organizers of this event.  Tea Party supporters should be savvy enough to question the motives and validity of such attacks, which will predictably increase as conservative election victories frustrate progressives.
November 19, 2009 - Tea partiers turn on each other - Comment: Interesting Politico article about the fragmentation of the Tea Party movement into many factions, and the need to develop more unity for impact in 2010 elections without necessarily rallying behind any one leader, issue, or organization.
This is not a media event or protest rally.
This will not be a media event or protest rally.  The focus is on preparations for 2010 Tea Party actions.  We will bring together local Tea Party organizers and supporters from across the country to share ideas.  There will also be sponsorship and exhibit opportunities for support of this event and the Tea Party movement.  This should help local organizers to meet potentially useful contacts elsewhere.
Example: This event should reinforce local preparations for 2010 Tax Day Tea Party rallies nationwide and other actions, perhaps including another 9/12 rally in Washington DC or other types of political actions, such as to collaborate strategically in key election races (like the recent one in NY 23rd District and the US Senate special election in Massachusetts).

Instead of promoting one group or event or candidate, a primary goal of this meeting is to reinforce personal networking and coordination among local groups nationwide.  The leaders of the Tea Party movement are the local organizers and motivated volunteers in hundreds of cities.  This event should serve to introduce them personally to each other and share ideas about how to have an even greater impact in 2010.  The goal is to network, empower, and inspire the local leaders and volunteers to achieve even more in 2010.

We will share further information here as details become available.  SurgeUSA is just one of many co-sponsors for this major national Tea Party event.  The organizers will announce the preliminary agenda, sponsors, and speakers on the registration website as the plans move forward.
This event also recognizes the 2009 accomplishments of many Tea Party organizers nationwide.  Many remarkable volunteers confounded the politicians, political pundits, news media, critics, and skeptics by quickly proving that the "silent majority" would be silent no more, and that "we surround them".

If we pay attention and reach out to our friends and neighbors, regardless of individual differences of opinion on some political issues, then we can restore a focus on fundamental American principles and values.

If Americans continually look to their government for all solutions to social problems, then we have become the problem driving the creeping intrusion of government into our lives.  We the people need to accept our responsibility as foreseen in the Constitution, and solve our own problems as free individuals who can collaborate voluntarily to achieve better outcomes than any rulers can impose..

Unlike Tea Party protest rallies in public venues, this private meeting is on private hotel property.  Disruptive conduct by registered event participants or any visitors seeking to create a public disturbance will not be tolerated by hotel security and police.  Once again, this meeting is not a media event or a protest rally.
If you would like to suggest a speaker or sponsor for this event, please comment through the Tea Party Nation website.
Hotel reservations:  A special rate was negotiated for this event.  To qualify, you need to first register for the event, and then follow the instructions for room reservations.

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