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This is a selective list of various news media, talk radio programs, and information resources - mostly "conservative" or independent in their political point of view, with a few obvious exceptions.  These are listed for the convenience of visitors, and particularly for those who may not yet be familiar with them. 
Their presence below does not imply any endorsement by us of their views on any topic, or vice versa.  We often disagree with some of their positions - sometimes quite vehemently.  We just tend to disagree far more strongly with liberals.  Our "Conservative Search" tool searches across many of these sites.
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News and Talk Radio Publishers, Pundits, Blogs Organizations
Suggestions welcome! Young Republicans

Republican National Committee

The Mark Levin Show National Review Online Republican Study Committee - caucus of conservative House members
The Rush Limbaugh Show The Weekly Standard Republican Governors Association - Fox News Hillsdale College - Imprimis Senate Conservatives Fund
Fox Business Network Newt Gingrich The Cato Institute
The Sean Hannity Show Karl Rove The Club for Growth
The Michael Medved Show Hugh Hewitt blog on Town Hall and his columns American Conservative Union
The Dennis Prager Show Dick Morris - blog CPAC

many conservative article links

Foundation for Defense of Cemocracies
GOPUSA - conservative news Ann Coulter GOPAC

Glenn Beck  see also

Pajamas Media - blog NCPA - National Center for Policy Analysis
The Mike Gallagher Show RedState - blog and Erick Erickson blog The Heritage Foundation
Mark Steyn - Steyn Online Michelle Malkin Coalition for a Conservative Majority
Laura Ingraham Drudge Report National Republican Trust PAC
Neal Boortz - talk radio show and Town Hall column Newsmax - conservative news media site based in Florida National Federation of Republican Women
The Mike Church show Free Republic National Federation of Republican Assemblies
Andrew Wilkow - conservative talk radio on Sirius, MySpace American Thinker Mitt Romney's Free and Strong America PAC
NRA News - Cam Edwards The Next Right Smart Girl Politics
CNS - Cybercast News Service by the Media Research Center The Conservative Underground American Issues Project and blog
Hot Air Network Red County - grassroots politics from the center-right Resurgent Republic
Daily Uprising Paul Shanklin - conservative political satirist - music Let Freedom Ring - news links Diana West - author of "The Death of the Grown-Up" Patriot Action Network - formerly ResistNet
  New Patriot Journal  
Additional blogs Additional blogs Organizations
Lone Republican blog in the Boston Herald by Holly Robichaud The Reality Check - based in Connecticut - Heritage New Media Partners - see also The New Media Alliance and the NMA TV channel

Conservative Book Service

Conservative Book Club

Institute for Liberty and blog George Reisman's blog on economics, politics, society and culture Americans for Limited Government
ACT! for America - set up by author / speaker Brigitte Gabriel   Ludwig von Mises Institute - Austrian economics, libertarian
PowerLine blog Free State Project - New Hampshire The Claremont Institute
Infectious Greed - blog by Dr. Paul Kedrosky New Hampshire Liberty Alliance The Concord Coalition
Money & Politics blog by Larry Kudlow, CNBC Harbor Tea - Montana blog FreedomWorks
Americans for Prosperity - blog with info about right to work states, job growth, productivity Warning Signs blog by Alan Caruba (NJ), and The National Anxiety Center Libertarian Party
GOP Mom - Boston based blog CriticalMass blog in MA Reason Foundation - Libertarian
Right Wing Nut House - blog by Rick Moran in Illinois Red Mass Group - Massachusetts blog The Friedman Foundation for Educational Choice
Moonbattery NewsBusters - media bias blog Campaign for Liberty
"Conservative Voices" on FaceBook and website Liberty for USA - blog TopConservativesOnTwitter and TCOT Report
Peach Pundit - GA blog Grassfire Alliance - petitions Flip This House 2010 - petition drive sponsored by Grassfire
NetRightNation Wake up America Young Americans for Liberty
TheNextRight Patrick Ruffini American Liberty Alliance
RFD America - News and commentary from the country The RIGHT Movement - blog Tea Party Patriots
Nearly Nobody's News - blog Conservative Blogs Central American Majority and - see also  and Build the Majority project
A Conservative's View blog from MA Bryan Gruhke blog - Iowa NRA - National Rifle Association
Conservative Nation blog - Raleigh NC; includes focus on immigration, FAIR issues Conservative HQ - Richard Viguerie in Virginia GOOOH - Get Out of Our House
American Conservative Values Conservative Blog Watch Citizens in Charge Foundation
Conservative Analysis blog - CO    
Local conservative groups State / local Republicans Not just for conservatives
see our Surge by State lists see our Surge by State lists Tea Party Search tool
Conservative Allies of Pennsylvania

Republican Party of Pennsylvania

Roll Call -

Congressional Directory


Champion News Network - Illinois talk radio and the Illinois Republican Renaissance Project Pennsylvania Federation of Young Republicans

The Washington Times

United Republican Fund - IL Young Professional Republican Federation of Alabama Real Clear Politics - opinion, news, analysis, polls, videos
The Heartland Institute - IL Republican Young Professionals - Illinois Regular Folks United - and state tags map for state news links
The Centrist - PA Federation of Illinois Young Republicans On The Issues - voting record information
Illinois Review Young Republican Federation of Virginia Political Net Press - Candidate's Handbook. checklists - interactive almanac of state politics
Energy focus Foreign Policy focus Environmental focus
American Solutions for Winning the Future -  - tied to Newt Gingrich and the "Platform for the American People", like the "Drill Here, Drill Now, Pay Less" pitch in 2008 American Academy of Diplomacy American Environmental Coalition
  Strategy Page Freedom Advocates
  Daniel Pipes (Middle East)  
Health care issues Government Transparency Taxes and spending
Patients United Now Center for Responsive Politics = Stop Spending Our Future
Conservatives for Patients Rights Sunlight Foundation Tax Day Coalition
  Follow the Money - National Institute on Money in State Politics Taxpayers for Common Sense
  Federal Election Commission Search campaign finance data by candidate Citizens Against Government Waste
  Project Vote Smart National Taxpayers Union
  Sunshine Review - Sam Adams Alliance - transparency project FairTax
Social networks    
TCU Nation - and Facebook - The Conservative Underground Tea Party Nation  
Tea Party Patriots    
Re-Tea Party    

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SurgeUSA: the first 100 days

Links related to Alaska Governor Sarah Palin  
Refer to the expanded page of links for supporters of Sarah Palin  
Team Sarah is an independent social networking site aimed at women who remain supportive of Governor Sarah Palin.  
There is also a "SarahPAC" site at   This PAC is apparently not about supporting the candidacy of Sarah Palin, but rather about her supporting other conservative candidates.  

Miscellaneous other links  
HR 1 - American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 (stimulus bill - House version as amended) pdf version as of Feb 10, 2009 per GPO - 1434 pages with revisions from Senate version and conference.  Skip past the first few hundred pages which are just replaced by the later pages.  
Rasmussen Reports - Daily Presidential Tracking Poll  - and home page for published research reports  
"How Obama Got Elected" is a website promoting a "Media Malpractice" documentary film by talk show host and author John Ziegler, including interviews of Sarah Palin about the election.  It also promotes his 2005 book, "The Death of Free Speech", which also addresses broadcast media bias.  
Online "opposition research" suggestion

Try the "Wayback Machine" to research past images of websites, such as "" to see the content of the official website for the office of Senator John McCain back to 1999.

As another example, it should have websites from 2008 election campaigns, such as for Obama.  This will make it possible to compare and contrast what they were saying in the past.

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