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Cap and Trade: A Solution for Political Party Climate Change

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Restore the federal bureaucracy and UN to lower emission targets - cut staff by 85% or more.   If UN or federal bureaucrats think such industry targets for emission reductions are reasonable, let them start by restoring their own bureaucracy and budget to pre-1900 levels to dramatically reduce their own "carbon footprint" and hot air.  That should free up a lot of private capital to invest more efficiently in the development of new technologies for real demand.  (That's right - the UN didn't even exist before 1900, so that's a big opportunity for 50+ year improvements.)
October 9, 2010 - US physics professor resigns - long explanation, with interesting comments
February 9, 2011 - Global warming heats up Republican attacks on EPA
February 9, 2011 - Global warming fix heats up hearing with EPA chief
February 9, 2011 - UK's Prince Charles blasts climate-change skeptics
February 3, 2011 - Obama sharpens jobs element of energy pitch
February 2, 2011 - AP sources: Repubs to restrict US enviro agency - AP sources: House GOP readies restrictions on EPA
January 31, 2011 - White House clean energy standard gets key support
January 14, 2011 - Russian state-owned oil firm takes stake in BP - Pay attention.  BP, Rosneft reach 'historic' Artic deal
December 31, 2010 - Florida agriculture loses $273M in December freeze - If all the record snowfalls and cold weather are now to be blamed on global climate change, as a recent NY Times story suggested, will the countries of the UN now help to bail out all the affected farmers of Florida?  If hurricanes and tornados and flooding are now to be blamed on climate change, does that mean that the US can expect an increased flow of international aid from the UN for natural disasters here?  Or is that just a one-way street for the transfer of wealth from rich countries to impoverished ones?  Where's the "one world" crowd when Americans need help in a crisis?  We have to rely on ourselves.
December 31, 2010 - Tea off: India's farmers say climate changing brew - The competition begins for grant money through the UN climate program as developed in Cancun recently.  This is about political wealth transfer to academics in developing countries through the UN.
December 31, 2010 - Oil's surge in 2010 paves the way for $4 gasoline - The Obama policies to limit US drilling and production are starting to have an impact.  This will get worse in 2011 - 2012.
December 31, 2010 - Chevy Volt, Nissan Leaf post small December sales - Watch for the government to be a large buyer of these vehicles at first.  The large subsidies need to end.
December 30, 2010 - Texas, EPA fight over regulations grows fierce - It's time to roll back the budget and regulatory authority of the EPA. The fact that air and water or animals can cross state borders is no excuse for federal authority in this area. There may be some logic to a national research and advisory role to assess environmental risks and recommend common standards, but states and local authorities should take the lead role in the protection of their own environment.
December 29, 2010 - Cancun: Global Hysteria, Wealth Redistribution
December 16, 2010 - Calif. on verge of major greenhouse gas rules - The statist push goes on
December 12, 2010 - Analysis: On climate, the elephant that's ignored - Wake up, Republicans - as well as other Americans who haven't yet figured out that this is about the global transfer of wealth. The initial goal may be $100 billion per year, but governments always find reasons to spend far more than initially projected and thereby grow another bureaucracy without limits. If you feel inclined to donate thousands of your own dollars per year to other countries or environmental causes, you are free to do so. American taxpayers should not be forced by our government into funding this international socialism nightmare. Let the rest of the world choose to redistribute their own wealth as they please. We need to stand up for individuals and private sector investment, not endless government spending and transfer of wealth.
December 11, 2010 - UN climate meeting OKs Green Fund in new accord
December 11, 2010 - UN climate talks nearing deal on small steps - Putting the framework in place for the proposed global transfer of wealth, such as $100 billion per year.  They may not have a deal on all the details or sources of funding, but they are pushing forward with this agenda.
December 7, 2010 - UN's Ban at climate talks: 'We need results now'
December 7, 2010 - On climate, marking time while glaciers melt
December 6, 2010 - Tough UN climate talks move into decisive week
December 4, 2010 - Plodding climate talks stepping up to higher level - still proposing a $100 billion per year fund for the transfer of wealth as the real priority of the governments involved - later version of the story and on December 5
December 3, 2010 - WikiLeaks cables reveal how US manipulated climate accord - Chicago politics come to Copenhagen.  The good news is that they failed - but they haven't given up yet.
December 3, 2010 - Latin bloc scolds rich countries at climate talks
December 1, 2010 - Climate: UN report highlights ocean acidification - Wow, it really makes you wonder how the Earth survived for millions of years, and major climate change cycles, without the benefit of a UN research bureaucracy to study everything in nature which might ever change.
December 1, 2010 - US, China close in on accord on key climate issue - What exactly would MRV (monitoring, reporting, and verification) involve?  What would China gain from this?
December 1, 2010 - Global experts: Warming could double food prices - and Mexico sees US emissions target as 'modest'
December 1, 2010 - Climate science chief sees 'huge gaps' in research - Global grant-seekers. How many academics and bureaucrats owe their jobs to the whole global climate change hysteria? First it was global cooling, then global warming, and now just global transfer of wealth under the guise of environmentalism. It is time to cause massive unemployment among these academics and bureaucrats.  Why should taxpayers support them?  Let private foundations fund their fantasies.
November 30, 2010 - UN Climate Summit - the con in Cancun - Publius Forum blog
November 30, 2010 - Cancun Climate Change Conference: Less Hype, Same Obstacles
November 29, 2010 - Frustrations show as climate talks resume  - This should be renamed the Cancun Global Wealth Transfer Summit. The climate is just the latest excuse for the wealth transfer agenda which has been pushed at the UN since before the North-South efforts of international socialists like Willy Brandt on the premise that the developed world owes reparations to everyone else as though we are evil, greedy oppressors and they are helpless victims. This is just the latest in many schemes to use the UN as a channel for promoting international socialism. Regardless of any validity in the climate change science, this is not the solution.
November 27, 2010 - India seeks to resolve climate disputes in Cancun
November 22, 2010 - How EPA Could Destroy 7.3 Million Jobs - blog by William Shughart II
November 20, 2010 - EPA sets new rules for carbon dioxide storage - What exactly is the danger to drinking water?  That it will become carbonated, like soda water?  How much carbon dioxide would have to be stored and accidentally released all at once, rather than leak gradually, to be remotely comparable to the cited example of a volcanic lake in Cameroon?  How often have there been incidents of this nature in the history of mankind, relative to the usual risks of living anywhere close to a volcano?  This seems to be just another excuse for a growing bureaucracy, rationalized by the need to limit the liability of industry against the risk of catastrophic lawsuits.
November 20, 2010 - As world warms, negotiators give talks another try - another costly UN conference on "climate change", this time in the Mexican resort of Cancun.
November 18, 2010 - IPCC Official: “Climate Policy Is Redistributing The World's Wealth” - Cancun summit news.  Don't think the UN bureaucracy or the progressives are giving up on this agenda.
Using states to implement cap and trade - see Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative meeting of Sept 13, 2010 in NY, and the Midwestern Greenhouse Gas Reduction Accord which has been steadily moving forward since November 2007.  See RGGI for more information.

Like the failed federal stimulus program, the people behind this initiative are still claiming that their models will create regional jobs, but it is murky how the increased costs will create jobs, while there is a clear redistribution of wealth assumption in the "mitigation" of hardships imposed by this policy: "by appropriately recycling the allowance revenues to affected state residents as lump sum per capita rebates (similar to the Federal stimulus program in 2007-2008)".  Watch the other hand - while the focus has been on federal initiatives in Congress, many states have already been quietly pushing the cap and trade agenda forward.

Unification of church and state - using churches and faith-based non-profits to push the Obama "green" agenda and other initiatives.   Where is the outrage from the left now?  See page 55, for example, about the EPA.  Meanwhile, many real charities may soon lose their tax-exempt status.
November 5, 2010 - AP Enterprise: World's oil thirst leads to risks
October 24, 2010 - Govt proposing that many trucks improve efficiency - OK, truckers, Obama and the EPA are out to get you.  Tractor-trailers, large pickups, delivery vans, garbage trucks, school buses, etc.  Out to destroy this industry, too.
October 12, 2010 - Administration lifts 6-month oil drilling freeze - It never should have been done in the first place.  See the US Chamber of Commerce announcement about the offshore moratorium for more on what this action really means
October 1, 2010 - Is the EPA killing green jobs?
October 1, 2010 - Eco-fascism jumps the shark; massive, epic fail!  Disgusting video.  Did the global warming crowd really think that this would win friends and influence people?  Worst ad ever.
October 1, 2010 - AP Sources: New vehicles could reach 62 mpg by '25 - by mandate?
October 1, 2010 - Interior creates revenue office for drilling - Here's an opportunity to eliminate 600 federal jobs and reduce $10.6 billion in oil taxes which could be better used to help produce more energy here, rather than more federal government spending and bureaucracy.
October 1, 2010 - Wind farm generates controversy in Mo. Senate race - Corruption? $107 million in stimulus money goes to a company run by the brother of Rep. Russ Carnahan
September 30, 2010 - Gov't weighs gas mileage rules for 2017 and beyond - Still trying to destroy the industry?
September 30. 2010 - GE launches device to recycle fracking water - What a remarkable coincidence. GE to the rescue, right after the government and media start making an issue out of this. Nothing to see here, folks. No crony capitalism with politicians. Just bringing more good ideas to life?  Remember when products weren't designed to meet government demands?  Move on. Progress. EcoImagination.  It's a new way to generate demand by creating new green markets.
September 30, 2010 - Wyo. wind task force favors eminent domain limits
September 27, 2010 - CEO tells AP wind investors need stable policies - and subsidies
September 25, 2010 - At UN, climate ministers seek way out of stalemate
September 16, 2010 - White House: Global Warming Out, 'Global Climate Disruption' In - Yes, global disruption is a change the radicals can believe in - climate or economic climate.
August 20, 2010 - UN board could rein in $2.7 billion carbon market - Another stunning failure.  How many years of waste, and how much money, did it take to figure out that this whole UN scheme became an easy scam for transfer of wealth without really solving environmental problems?

Just in time for any efforts to revive cap and trade this fall. Spread the word. Al Gore recently complained to his global warming zealots that the bill was dead for this term of Congress at least. Let's prove him right for a change, and make sure they don't do an end run through EPA regulations or executive orders to do it without new legislation.
August 3, 2010 - Senate Dems delay vote on oil spill, energy bill - Temporary political retreat
July 22, 2010 - Senate Democrats abandon comprehensive energy bill  later version
July 16, 2010 - Ethanol industry scrambles to keep incentives - As proven many times in other countries, the trouble with state-sponsored "infant industries" subsidized by "industrial policies" is that the infants never grow up and become competitive.  Instead, they just compete for subsidies, and mainly produce political corruption to sustain what is unsustainable in free market competition.
July 16, 2010 - Carbon trading used as money-laundering front: experts - The entire system of carbon trading is basically a shakedown process for corporate blackmail and redistribution of wealth.  Why shouldn't organized crime want to take advantage of such a political ponzi scheme?
July 7, 2010 - CBO says climate bill would cut deficit by $19B - More fantasy accounting.
July 7, 2010 - 'Climategate' inquiry mostly vindicates scientists - The burden of proof is not on the skeptics to prove that these scientists did something wrong, as though failure to prove that meant they were right.  The burden of proof remains on the scientists to substantiate their theories.
July 5, 2010 - Dutch agency admits mistake in UN climate report -  "We can't say it's plainly wrong. We don't know."  If they don't know, why do they keep asserting their theories are facts?
June 20, 2010 - Senator says votes still short for climate bill - Lieberman counts the votes as 50 for, 30 against, and 20 undecided.  We need to replace 10 of the 50 this year and make sure that many of the rest know that their turn will come in 2012 and 2014 if they pass this legislation.
June 10, 2010 - Senate rejects move to block greenhouse gas regs - S.J. Res. 26  No big surprise.  The Republicans still don't have the votes to prevail against Obama's zealots.  53-47  On the other hand, Harry Reid still doesn't have the votes he needs to pass Cap and Trade.

Senate votes on blocking EPA greenhouse gas regs - This isn't really about "greenhouse gases".  It's about unchecked bureaucratic power to push the Obama agenda.

May 29, 2010 - Rebel scientists force Royal Society to accept climate change skepticism - with interesting reader comments.  Meanwhile, even Al Gore and Tipper have split up.  Maybe that explains the new mansion on the coast?  Who will move in next door to research that story?
May 1, 2010 - Climate bill could be harmed by Gulf spill - Isn't it interesting that the focus is on pushing the "climate" agenda, rather than energy, and that hearings have already been set for May 12 for Congress to grandstand politically on this environmental disaster?  Where is the effort to figure out what went wrong on this platform when so many others operate safely?
April 25, 2010 - Lieberman encouraged energy bill will be on track
April 1, 2010 - Obama administration issues fuel efficiency rules
March 31, 2010 - March 31, 2010 - Obama clears way for oil drilling off US coasts - Surprising move, somewhat like recent nuclear energy decisions. The intent behind this is not yet clear. One has to wonder whether he is trying to clear some potential reasons for election year criticism off the table because these matters are not really central to his agenda.  They can deflect criticism while he pushes forward with other matters which really interest him, even if he may get some criticism from the hard left in the process. Now that he delivered on healthcare for them, they may cut him some slack.

Note that the plan opens up fewer areas than Bush had proposed, and excludes what are expected to be the most productive areas.  Any development can also be delayed for many years by the bureaucracy and legal challenges, so don't hold your breath for any new oil production.  Instead, this should just provide political cover as oil prices continue to rise again in this election year.

March 3, 2010 - Senators seek to block stimulus money for overseas - Comment:  Somebody finally noticed that they are creating "green jobs" in other countries now with increased American debt.
February 27, 2010 - Report: Key senators would nix 'cap and trade' - Comment:  They're trying to phase it in through a different approach.  It's still an abomination, inviting economic disaster for nothing, as an outrageous expansion of federal government regulatory powers and taxes.  Kill the bill.
January 27, 2010 - Social forum activists talk of 'green' conspiracy
January 18, 2010 - World misled over Himalayan glacier meltdown - Comment:  More evidence, if any were needed, that many IPCC assertions about climate change cannot be trusted.
January 1, 2010 - Bad year for biofuel ends on a dour note - Comment:  A preview of how well the government can manipulate the energy market to waste billions, all with good intentions, of course.  Follow the money trail to see which politicians benefit from this.  How much did state and local governments also spend on incentives for biofuel plants?

Let's see - how many "green" jobs did they "save or create" which are now at risk?  Why did they subsidize new plants here and limit competition, such as biofuel from Brazil?  Let Europe subsidize their own biofuel industry.  Their tariffs offset unfair US subsidies.

December 19, 2009 - Divided climate talks end in Copenhagen with deal - Like all UN conferences, they all agreed on their main objective - to perpetuate this nightmare by scheduling more harmful meetings in the future.

It is time for Republicans to show some backbone and take a firm stand against the UN, which has grown beyond all reason as a threat to liberty rather than as a tool to protect it. Start pushing hard in Congress to cut UN funding dramatically. Make that an issue for 2010 voters.

If they want to play populist politics with the international socialists who have been pushing this global wealth transfer agenda for decades before "climate change" became the latest excuse to rationalize and sell it, let's see how many Americans actually want to give billions away through the UN.

Climate deal bogged down in UN plenary

Obama brokers a climate deal, doesn't satisfy all - especially not rational Americans

AP Analysis: Obama the pragmatist gets what he can - not much.  He just gave away more money, and further demonstrated his weakness at doing anything more than giving speeches.

Climate "deal" confusion - Financial Times - still thinking they can somehow do a deal in 2010

Flawed climate accord good for Obama at home - That may be what they think now in Europe, where they are obviously clueless about American politics, but wait until the primary elections begin.

Forest plan gets the ax at UN climate talks - But they still promised to give away $30 billion / year

December 18, 2009 - Obama scrambles at summit, but frustration shows - Comment:  If you think he is frustrated now, wait until November when he loses control of the House and Senate.

Castro mocks Obama visit to Copenhagen - Adding insult to injury - even Castro is a critic now.

In Copenhagen, greens' love lost for Obama - Good news.  Or schadenfreude, as the Germans say.

Obama: 'Meaningful breakthrough' on climate change - not really.  His agenda for a treaty failed.

Copenhagen chaos could imperil Senate climate bill - Fox News

December 17, 2009 - AP Interview: SC senator stumps for climate change - Senator Linday Graham is standing up for his convictions on this matter against many other Republicans.  SC voters should remember that.  He may not be facing an election this year, but his day will come too.
December 17, 2009 - UN Climate talks: US, China edge toward each other - Comment:  Read this story carefully.  Hillary Clinton is talking about giving $100 billion per year to developing countries by 2020.  Others just refer to that as a "good first step" toward expectations of $300 to $600 billion per year.  Let the socialists of the world fund their own wealth transfer schemes and destroy their own economies.  Keep us out of it - completely.  Start cutting the funding to any such UN programs.
December 16, 2009 - Climate talks deadlocked as clashes erupt outside - Comment:  Don't you miss gridlock in Congress?  Let's hope that this summit produces nothing more than a lot of hot air.
December 15, 2009 - Outcome unclear as leaders arrive at climate talks - Comment:  Cloudy with a chance of screwballs.
December 15, 2009 - US-China showdown still looms over climate talks - Comment:  The risk of an agreement is what looms over these talks.
December 15, 2009 - Poll: Action on climate will heat up economy, jobs - Comment:  Since when is 40% support positive, when 60% - 75% would oppose monthly costs going up $10 - $25 / month?  The only thing this will heat up is the 2010 election, when incumbents will get burned if they vote for this.  - later version of the story
December 13, 2009 - Obama has no power to make climate deal: US lawmaker - Comment:  He does, however, have the power to try to reinterpret vague past environmental laws in new ways.
December 12, 2009 - GOP: US competitiveness at risk from climate pact
December 12, 2009 - 600 detained at climate rally urging bold pact
December 11, 2009 - UN talks: Rich nations must make big emission cuts - Comment:  Are we to cut 25 - 40% from 1990 emission levels by 2020, and perhaps 85% or more by 2050?  Fine - let's start by cutting federal government emissions of carbon dioxide by 25 - 40% by 2020 first.  Let's reduce the total employees of the federal government by 5% per year for the next 10 years, and challenge the UN to do the same thing by cutting all US funding to the UN by 5% per year.  That means real annual cuts - not reduced increases in proposed annual staff or budget increases.

Restore limited government first, and then we can discuss proposals to impose mandatory changes on US businesses and individuals as a domestic policy decision, rather than as an international agreement or treaty obligation.  In the interim, we can independently check the facts on this climate change theory as an objective research matter for real science, rather than politicians seeking more power and money.

Meanwhile, note that China is offended that we don't intend to use this process to transfer even more wealth to them.  That's a diversion from the fact that they don't want all the developing countries turning to China for such handouts.  They just want to buy up the resources of such countries at a bargain price to fuel their own development, even if that trade supports some truly evil regimes.  They certainly don't want to be on the hook to transfer their own wealth to others for nothing.  That's Obama's job.

December 11, 2009 - EU nations commit $3.6 billion to climate fund - Comment:  Hah!  Obama just paid off nearly that much to settle a native American lawsuit.  He paid far more than that to buy off the Congressional Black Caucus with recycled TARP money.  Are they serious?  The EU should commit at least $100 billion in new money (not smoke and mirrors for a headline) to this socialist nightmare if they think that it is so worthy, and see what their voters think when their economies implode.  Meanwhile, the United States shouldn't contribute a dime - which should help our competitiveness.  It's time to call their bluff.  Let the European socialists fund their own grandiose wealth transfer schemes.
December 10, 2009 - Stolen e-mails embolden climate change skeptics - Comment:  At least now there is finally some recognition that the "science" is not really settled enough to justify imposing economic suicide on the US economy without serious debate about the proposed policies, which won't necessarily even do anything material to solve the alleged problem, even if it turns out to be real.  This was never about saving the planet.  It's about paying off all the failed socialists.
December 10, 2009 - Soros: Climate financing dispute could wreck talks - Comment:  Is he really worried that the destruction of the US economy may not be achieved as planned?  After all, how did he make his fortune?  It was by betting against the Bank of England in an economic crisis.

Is his role like "The Trust" double-cross operation set up to infiltrate and thwart White Russian émigrés in the US after the Bolshevik revolution?  Where is Sidney Reilly when we need him?  Soros indeed seems to be very much like a scheming James Bond villain - with evil conspiracies for unchecked power and wealth masked by seemingly innocent front organizations and philanthropic activities.

Is it all smoke and mirrors for some sinister plot, or just misguided?  The evidence makes it pretty hard to assume that he's as dumb as many Obama supporters, so that gives credence to the idea that there is malicious intent and we just haven't figured out the ending of this story yet.  In any case, we don't have to assume evil intent to recognize that this Copenhagen wealth transfer idea is suicidal.

December 10, 2009 - EU seeks to preserve united front on climate - Comment:  Perhaps those who have experienced the harm which statist regimes can do are less eager to repeat the mistake.
December 9, 2009 - EPA head: US must make up for lost time on climate - Comment:  Trying to pretend that the EPA will be reasonable (i.e., not blackmailing Congress) while at the same time insisting on moving forward quickly without legislative authority.  It's time for Republicans to push hard to kill off the EPA, and let voters give their verdict in the 2010 and 2012 elections.

Let states and local governments deal with their own environmental concerns without this growing federal bureaucracy.  Do we really want to keep supporting 18,000 employees at the EPA, and grow that further?  If the federal bureaucracy had grown at the same pace as the US population over the last century, that would be roughly the total number of federal employees today - rather than well over 1 million.  We pay for 40 times more federal workers per capita than we did after the Civil War.  It's time to just say no - and cut many government jobs, rather than just private sector jobs.

December 8, 2009 - EPA to unveil new policies on water at schools - Comment: This is where an unchecked federal bureaucracy leads.  Now they want to regulate the water fountains at schools, and to hold schools accountable to the EPA for compliance with whatever standards they mandate.
December 8, 2009 - Questions and answers about EPA action on warming - Comment:  The latest AP spin on this attempt to blackmail Congress into action on cap and trade legislation.
December 8, 2009 - UN weather agency: 2000-2009 'very likely' warmest decade on record; 2009 one of warmest years - Comment:  Even if it were true, what does that prove?  Does it justify committing economic suicide and transferring hundreds of billions of dollars through UN programs?
December 7, 2009 - UN climate conference opens with pressure on US - Comment:  Note that the AP is doing Copenhagen summit pool reporting on Facebook and Twitter.  Once again, note the part at the end of the article about transferring hundreds of billions of dollars from developed countries to developing ones, particularly through UN organizations.  Why not cut UN budgets?  We should reduce their carbon footprint in New York by moving the entire UN Secretariat to a poor developing country.  My vote would be for Zimbabwe.  They could clearly use some "fresh money" these days.

Stop meeting in places like New York, Geneva, Rome, Copenhagen, Brussels, etc. to discuss the problems of the world. Go live and meet in the places where daily life is most miserable or dangerous.

December 7, 2009 - Head of UN panel blasts 'Climategate' affair - Comment:  The exposure of the e-mails is the problem?  They really are this clueless in the UN global bureaucratic fantasy world.  We should commit to restoring the United States to pre-1945 levels of UN funding as our contribution to making the world safer, with reduced hot air emissions.

December 6, 2009 - UN climate chief: Hacked e-mails are damaging - Comment: earlier version

December 7, 2009 - EPA: Greenhouse gases endanger human health - Comment: Of course, it is just a remarkable coincidence that this announcement took place as the Copenhagen summit fails.  If they can't get a treaty and the cap and trade legislation they want, the environmental zealots will just find a way to reinterpret existing regulations to impose their power over us in other ways.  It is time to put a stop to the unchecked power of the EPA to interfere in our lives by bureaucratic fiat.  They have declared war on American business and the public.  When the revolution comes - and the radicals are removed from Congress in the 2010 and 2012 elections - the first order of business should be to reduce the carbon footprint of the EPA by making it extinct.
December 6, 2009 - The Climate-Change Travesty - blog by George Will on RealClearPolitics
December 5, 2009 - Obama shifts Copenhagen trip as prospects brighten - Comment: Welcome back, my friends, to the show that never ends.

Pay no attention to the smoke and mirrors as this elaborate hoax moves forward. It has little to do with science or the climate. It's about government power and the transfer of wealth. This is just a new variation on the old North-South concept of reparations by developed countries to the poor ones for being developed. Willy Brandt and all the old socialists must be smiling.
December 5, 2009 - Indian leader to attend Copenhagen climate talks
December 5, 2009 - Study: Slowdown in warming last year not permanent - Comment:  Pay no attention to the snow in Houston this week.  The real snow job by academics is in Copenhagen, because huge research grants are at stake.  Entire academic careers and departments are at stake.  Note the many comments by readers.
December 5, 2009 - Climate pledges made by key countries - Summary of commitments.
December 5, 2009 - Long-running climate drama nears Copenhagen climax; 'continued next year' likely outcome - Comment:  Note the opening premise: "For 20 years, as this crowded planet grew warmer ..."  This doesn't even pretend to be unbiased journalism.  It's advocacy by the AP.

Obama shifts visit to Copenhagen climate event to build on China, India moves toward deal

Obama shifts Copenhagen trip as prospects brighten

December 4, 2009 - Obama shifts Copenhagen visit to boost deal

December 3, 2009 - Americans skeptical of science behind global warming - This Rasmussen Reports survey shows not only great skepticism, but also persistent skepticism and disagreement about both the science and the policy implications, as well as great distrust of UN initiatives.  It only seems to be "settled" among those zealots who don't want to listen or respond to any of the critics.
December 3, 2009 - UK University to probe integrity of climate data - Comment:  By spring 2010, will the damage have already been done by the politicians and bureaucrats in Copenhagen?

It's time to put all cap and trade plans and other climate change regulatory actions on hold. The science should not just be reviewed by this UK panel if the whole world is going to be transformed by government actions. There needs to be a truly independent US research effort which challenges the science models before we vastly expand government taxes, spending, and transfer of wealth initiatives.

December 3, 2009 - India unveils target to slow carbon emissions - "India will never accept a legally binding emissions reduction target".  Will Obama?
December 2, 2009 - Obama science officials defend warming research - and later version  Obama science advisers grilled over hacked e-mails -  Comment:  Nice try at damage control.
December 1, 2009 - PERSPECTIVE: Ohio light bulb fight offers lessons - Comment:  Perhaps consumers as free individuals are getting tired of being forced to pay for expensive new mandates.  It is one thing to be encouraged to make a choice, and another matter to be give no choice at all.  The latter is an abuse of power, regardless of alleged good intentions. 
November 30, 2009 - China gives hint of what to expect at Copenhagen
November 29, 2009 - Upfront money needed to ease UN climate deal - Comment:  This proposed $10 billion per year "kick start" is just the start of what is expected to be a $75 - $100 billion per year cost, or even more.  Obama is OK with this - he wants to help start the largest transfer of wealth in the history of the world, and destroy our economy in the process by not only dramatically expanding our own government, but also by supporting an unaccountable international bureaucracy which can perpetuate and expand the damage to our economic climate and liberty.
November 26, 2009 - Obama faces delicate balancing act on climate - Comment:  Some of the Democrats in Congress may be willing to walk the plank and risk future election defeats to win their health care agenda against public opposition, but will they do so again on cap and trade?   Both are really about trying to secure greater power in Washington for a long time. Just say no.
November 26, 2009 - Jobs, economics complicate Brazil's Amazon fight - Comment:  Expect more stories like this as the Copenhagen summit approaches.  Does anybody else wonder why the government inspectors show up soon after the damage is done, in order to document but not stop it?  They are to be rewarded for more such "enforcement" efforts - even while great damage goes on.

Of course, there is no corruption in the Brazilian government in these provinces at the local, state, or national level, as anyone familiar with Brazilian politics in these states can readily attest.  Why would isolated government officials risk getting killed on a very low salary to stop influential criminals?

There are some very honorable environmentalists out there, but this is like trying to police the Wild West from a comfortable office in Washington DC or Brussels, or trying to enforce Prohibition in Chicago.  Don't expect "The Untouchables" to show up in the Amazon just because world leaders decide to pay off the Brazilian government for more such enforcement activity. That would be like paying Chicago politicians to track but not stop Al Capone, thus playing both sides.  It just raises the political corruption cost of "protection" for the criminals.  Any honest cops work at their own peril.

November 26, 2009 - China vows to dramatically slow emissions growth - Comment: Getting ready for the Copenhagen summit.
November 26, 2009 - New climate targets may not change daily life much - Comment:  Trying to pretend that the impact will be minor.  Once it is in place as a new tax system, however, watch out.
November 25, 2009 - Corporate America prepares, and braces, for emission rules - Comment: NY Times story commenting on new emission rules by Obama.
November 25, 2009 - Obama to vow greenhouse emissions cuts in Denmark - Comment:  See the White House press release about his plans for a series of presentations by his advisors
November 25, 2009 - Obama to attend major climate summit - Comment: It's not over yet.  See also Action on climate change 'also averts health crisis' - now alleging that global warming will cause more malaria, cholera, malnutrition, etc.  Of course, the environmentalists still won't admit that their elimination of DDT has condemned millions of people in developing countries to die from malaria.

Curbing global warming saves lives, studies say - Do you trust these British doctors?

November 24, 2009 - Icebergs head from Antarctica for New Zealand - Comment: Note that it is not attributed to global climate change, although some zealots will predictably seize on this news.  It would make as much scientific sense to attribute the 1931 ice floes to the changing economic impact of mankind during the Great Depression, and the lack of later ice floes to Roosevelt's New Deal.
November 22, 2009 - Warming's impacts sped up, worsened since Kyoto - Comment:  Trying to rebut the criticism that the science has been manipulated or misrepresented to push their agenda.
November 22, 2009 - Denmark: 65 world leaders for UN climate summit - Comment:  There is some ambiguity about whether Obama will go to Copenhagen after all, since it might be seen as politically embarrassing at this point to reach no deal and have to face sharp public criticism.  Don't assume that this fight is over, however.  These zealots are still determined to prevail at any cost to us.
November 21, 2009 - New documentary challenges Gore's "Inconvenient Truth" on global warming - Comment:  See October 12 news below, as well as the Lord Moncton interview.  Then go back to our earlier warnings about this - such as February 24 as well as Feb 19 and 14 news.
November 21, 2009 -  Climate Skeptics See "Smoking Gun" in Researchers' Leaked E-mails - Comment:  Just in time for Copenhagen.  Let's see them twist in the wind trying to spin out of this.
November 21, 2009 - Hackers leak e-mails, stoke climate debate - Comment:  AP version which focuses on quoting those who now claim that, although valid, the emails and other documents were mischievously and selectively taken out of context in order to discredit the scientists involved.  There is no mention of instructions about how to circumvent Freedom of Information Act disclosure requests.
November 20, 2009 - ResistNet blog - Climate Research Center Hacked - Thousands of Damning Docs Hit the Net: Global Warming Cancelled? - Comment: Alleges that evidence has now been uncovered to prove that the "settled science" about climate change was fraudulent all along.
November 18, 2009 - UN: Fight climate change with free condoms - Comment:  Clueless.
November 17, 2009 - Obama: Rally the world for climate deal next month - Comment:  This zealot is not going to be deterred by public opinion.  He is determined to ram through his agenda by any means.  We must change Congress dramatically before the December 2010 climate meeting in Mexico City.
November 17, 2009 - Obama, Hu vow cooperation but produce few deals - Comment:   Why is the reporting all about Obama, with very little insight into Hu's objectives and what Chinese leaders wanted?  Note the comments at the end about their plans for Copenhagen summit.
November 17, 2009 - Denmark seeks specific pledges at climate talks - Comment:  Not dead yet.
Daniel Hannan with Sean Hannity on Fox News - talking about the Copenhagen treaty negotiations - "the language is green, but the motives are red" - and a reminder about the environmental legacy of the statist regimes of eastern Europe relative to the progress of environmental protection in the West.

November 6, 2009 - Delegates discuss way forward in UN climate talks - Comment:  Note that the chief US delegate "said President Barack Obama has the authority to make a commitment without congressional approval, "but a decision on whether or not we will do it has not yet been made." ".  How's that for audacity?  Let's figure out how to get around those troublesome constraints in the Constitution.
November 6, 2009 - G20 officials seek support for future growth - Comment:  Since when is it in our interest to participate in an international "collectivist" peer review process among developed countries to coordinate economic policies?  They tried that in the USSR - and it failed miserably.   The solution to achieve growth isn't for governments to try to manipulate global markets.  It's robust competition, rather than a rigged market in which unaccountable international bureaucrats try to pick the winners and losers, thereby making subservience and corruption the key to success rather than performance.

G20 officials to wrestle over economic imbalances - Wouldn't you buy tickets to see them actually wrestle against serious opponents?  Throw them out of the ring and stomp on them a few times.

Incidentally, note that the mere 20 protesters at St. Andrews got media attention, but the thousands of protesters at the US Capitol yesterday were largely ignored by AP reports and other news media, while a few Code Pink nuts at Sen. Lieberman's office got full news coverage because they had to be arrested.

November 5, 2009 - Negotiators scale back UN climate pact ambitions - Comment:  It's not dead yet.  They may just try to not push it as a legally binding treaty right away.  Instead, they'll reach an agreement and then try to turn that into a creeping political mandate and eventual treaty, as in the EU.

Angry words as timetable for climate deal starts to slip - The wackos were so confident of victory in Copenhagen that they will make a lot of angry noise now.  That's OK - it's better than giving them power.

November 5, 2009 - Senate Democrats advance climate bill without GOP - Comment:  There's still time to stop this economic suicide pact.  Later version of the story
November 4, 2009 - Three Senators join forces to rescue climate bill - Comment:  The tres amigos in this drama are John Kerry, Joe Lieberman, and Lindsey Graham.  Where were they on election night?
November 3, 2009 - Merkel calls for strong deal on climate change - Comment:  No time to lose?  Where have we heard that before?  Never let a good illusory crisis go to waste as an opportunity to grow government spending, taxes, and regulatory power over our lives.  We don't want to follow Germany's lead.
November 3, 2009 - Climate debate has rocky start for US Senate panel - Comment:  Not yet rocky enough.  Kill the bill.  Stop the Obama administration efforts to sign a treaty in Copenhagen in December.
November 3, 2009 - Climate talks face difficult road ahead of meeting - Comment:  Good.  If any agreement can be stalled until 2010, Obama will never have the political support he needs to advance it.   The real global climate catastrophe that we are facing is the economic suicide of the developed countries, destroying our successful economic climate in the name of UN wealth transfers to the rest of the world.
October 29, 2009 - The Copenhagen Agreement and a Scary UN Power Grab - Has Anyone Read the Copenhagen Agreement? - opinion piece in the Wall Street Journal - scary UN plans for a new "government", referring to what Lord Monckton has been trying to warn people about, as below  Note the various comments in response to the above article - including the one about the terms of prior Kyoto and Bali agreements being included by reference.  This is not something for Americans to accept in blind faith, or while distracted by other issues such as the health care debate.  This is an economic suicide pact.
October 29, 2009 - EU leaders debate climate aid to poor at summit - Comment:  "With the U.S. hamstrung by Congress ... "  No bias in that reporting, eh?  Gordon Brown is still pushing for a deal, and poor countries are still looking for the EU to set a dangerous precedent for North-South wealth transfers.
October 28, 2009 - Obama launches climate push with December goal - Comment: Push back.
October 28, 2009 - Envoy: No China-US climate pact from Obama visit - Comment: Still trying to get a deal with China as a stick to beat Congress with in the effort to pass cap and trade.
"Climate Change" Treaty: The supreme law of the land?  Or lawless usurpation? - Publius Huldah blog questions whether a ratified treaty from Copenhagen would really have the force of law in the USA.  The gist is that federal government can't do by treaty what it isn't authorized to do under the Constitution.

Even if true, will the Supreme Court ever back that conclusion, or even agree to review a challenge someday - especially if the court is packed in the years ahead?  It may be an usurpation of power, but will that stop the implementation and enforcement of it?  A presidential veto will defend it against repeal. 

Despite any case for the future abandonment of such a treaty, we would need the political will and votes to stop compliance with it through Congress.  Until then, the full weight of federal government power can be used to enforce compliance, unlawful or not.  Even failure to ratify such a treaty may not stop this administration from imposing compliance with the terms in other ways.  Laws which are later found to be unconstitutional can still be enforced for a long time before they fail, and by that time the damage will have been done.  Our only protection is to stop this initiative in the first place - not rely on a treaty or law being discarded someday as unconstitutional after great harm is already done.

October 27, 2009 - Obama team: US needs bill to lead in clean energy - Comment: This has little to do with climate change or clean energy. It won't give us clean power. It will give us more corrupt power through government at a very high price. Let other countries bankrupt themselves by going down this path. We should not lead them over the precipice to economic ruin.
October 27, 2009 - UN signals delay in climate change treaty - Comment: There may be hope yet.  Read this article to the end - such as the detail about how much wealth to transfer from developed to developing countries.  Then watch Glenn Beck this Friday with Lord Moncton, as below.
October 27, 2009 - Kerry: US leadership at stake in climate debate - Comment:  "America's leadership is on the line here".  Absolutely.  If we do this, we'll lose our global economic leadership.
October 25, 2009 - Nuclear energy becomes pivotal in climate debate - Comment: Note how the climate models are distorted by projections of far more nuclear plants than anyone is planning.  When those rosy projections of reduced emissions based on a technology which they refuse to approve eventually fail, what will be rammed down our throats as an alternative to try to hit emission targets?  By that time the damage will already be done to our economy, because the new political power structure created by cap and trade legislation will already be firmly entrenched.
October 24, 2009 - EPA: Climate bill could add $100 year in costs - Comment: Don't believe it.  This is the camel's nose under the tent.  Once the system is in place, the cost will rise steadily.  Do you really trust the EPA and zealots like Boxer to worry about what it will really cost you?
October 23, 2009 - Obama: 'Cynical claims' attacking energy bill - Comment:  Preparing to revive the cap and trade legislation in the Senate next week.  The narrative is that this won't get pushed quickly this year while the focus is on health care, but don't bet on it.  The last line of the article is hopefully the most accurate statement: "The closer we get, the harder the opposition will fight."

Obama hits out at climate "naysayers" - Time for the critics to wake up and stop this madness.

October 14, 2009 - Lord Christopher Monckton spoke to an audience in St. Paul, MN about the dangers of the proposed treaty at the Copenhagen summit this  December.  Read the full text of the UN document to which he refers, or other commentary and videos on this topic at .

October 22, 2009 - Poll: US belief in global warming is cooling - Just in time for the Senate to try to revive and push the cap and trade legislation next week while voter attention is distracted by other issues.
October 19, 2009 - UK's Brown urges progress on climate pact - Comment:  What would really be catastrophic is for the United States to surrender sovereignty to this global governance nightmare.  Note that they already estimate that this will cost hundreds of billions of dollars per year - and that's positive thinking by the proponents of such a regulatory bureaucracy.

The good news is that leaders are starting to doubt that they can reach a deal in Copenhagen this December, especially as Obama is weakened and there is little evidence of economic recovery.  It will be even harder to push this forward in 2010 as voters in America wake up to the cost.  Voters in Europe may even wake up and notice that their Kyoto initiatives have caused self-inflicted harm to their economies.

October 18, 2009 - Biggest economies try again to strike climate deal - Comment:  Let me get this straight. A failing UK government which is facing imminent electoral defeat is trying to exert pressure on a weak US government which is also facing electoral defeat next year.  They want to agree on how to save the world through more government regulations and new taxes from a problem which is not yet certain to even exist sometime in the distant future.

Am I missing something? Perhaps there should be higher priorities than listening to people like Al Gore, who American voters properly rejected many years ago. Somebody, please save the world from the most imminent threat of harmful hot air - cut his mic.

See reviews of the timely new movie - Not evil, just wrong Jeremy D. Boreing  Christian Toto

October 12, 2009 - Confronting Al Gore with an inconvenient question - cut the mic, quickly
October 11, 2009 - What did I tell ya?  Lindsey Graham signs on to cap-and-tax - Michelle Malkin blog.  Includes links to other recent stories about Republicans who are buying into this nightmare.
Recent background and news about the cap and trade legislation debate is listed below.  Some refer to this as "cap and tax", because it is primarily a costly new system of taxation on all Americans.
September 15, 2009 - Taking Liberties blog - Obama Admin: Cap and Trade Could Cost Families $1,761 A Year.    Internal Treasury documents now confirm the high tax costs which critics have been projecting.  Consumers and businesses will see many costs go up because of this energy tax, but it will be hard to individually track all those cost increases back to their source.  This tax by stealth will also kill many jobs through an estimated $100 to $200 billion per year in new taxes. 

It is also a very regressive tax, so although it may appear to be a tax on the energy industry, it will seriously hurt families at all incomes.  The dubious environmental and alternative energy claims just rationalize it for political cover This is a completely new system of taxation.  It will grow, just like other indirect taxes which are designed to fool individuals about the costs they are paying.

The recent House legislation on cap and trade (which stalled in the Senate after criticism while the focus shifted to pushing the health care agenda) hid this cost by promising tax credits in the early years while the new system is put into effect, but those credits can be easily reduced or eliminated in the future.

Wake up, patriots!  They're after your wallet again!  Expect this nightmare to return as the Obama administration prepares for the December Copenhagen summit on climate change.  Stand up firmly against this initiative as you did for the health care legislation in August.

See this Sept 9 press release:  Pelosi Remarks Before Meeting With Chairman Wu Bangguo of the National People's Congress of China  Note the preparations for the Copenhagen summit.
The "cap and trade" legislation could be a good thing - for political party climate change.

It won't really do anything beneficial for the global climate, energy independence, or the other alleged reasons behind the legislation.  The greatest benefit is that it will help to defeat Democrats in 2010 because Americans will see through this ruse to raise hundreds of billions of dollars in new taxes.  It may also help to expose politicians who sell out their constituents to gain special interest group support.

Fortunately, the cap and trade legislation may take a long time to implement - which provides more of an opportunity to stop this suicidal legislation before the harm is done.  Some aspects may be created quickly, but many others will take years to implement and do their full damage because this involves creating a new and fairly large bureaucracy, which will take time.  That provides time to reverse this legislation before it is too late, and thus avert the economic catastrophe which it will predictably create.
By contrast, some of the other legislation priorities such as health care changes will quickly become very hard to reverse.  Once in place, they will be like a Pandora's Box, or the proverbial genie that is out of the bottle.  The damage will be done quickly.  The cap and trade legislation, like the stimulus bill, is more likely to rally Americans to fight against this preposterous agenda once they fully understand the harmful consequences of it.  It was easy, when talking in very general terms about climate change, green energy, or other vague ideas to get people to express interest or support.  It probably sounded like a good idea at the time - for people who didn't realize how much it was going to cost themselves.

That's like asking Americans whether they would oppose serving hot dogs, soft drinks, and Cracker Jacks at baseball games for public health reasons, or would want to impose a tax on these items to pay for the adverse health consequences of consuming them.  No politician would be that stupid (although the crazy idea of a tax on soft drinks has gained some surprising traction recently, just like higher taxes on cigarettes and alcohol, as a way to achieve higher taxes by stealth if there wasn't a strong political backlash).  They want to impose taxes in more subtle ways which most voters won't notice.

In other words, once the cap and trade debate gets down to the details of visible adverse personal consequences, including significant costs, rather than abstract debates about vague ideas like helping to create "green" energy or "save" the planet from the dangers of environmentalist computer models run amok, people will hate it.  The devil is in the details.  Voters will recognize that evil.

In that context, Republicans should fight this legislation tooth and nail, and do everything they can to make people fully aware of the predictably bad consequences and high personal costs - both direct and indirect.  That's not just direct costs such as higher utility bills or gas prices, but also the adverse effect on the American economy through higher costs and taxes on business which will get passed along to all consumers, and destroy more jobs than any government spending on politically favored environmental or energy projects will create.  Follow the money trail, and expose it.
Let the Democrats hang this albatross around their necks as quickly as possible, so that the damage becomes intuitively obvious to voters before the 2010 elections.  Let Democrats take full ownership of this debacle.  They have the votes to ram it through.  Let them do it if they wish.  Be no part of it.  Give them no political cover.  Let voters hold them accountable for it in the 2010 elections.
That is somewhat like the stimulus bill.  The Democrats made ridiculous assertions about the critical urgency of this legislation, for which there wasn't a day to be lost.  They packed it full of outrageous projects, and sold it on the basis of "creating and saving" over 3 million jobs.  They allegedly had lots of "shovel ready" projects which could be funded quickly, create jobs, and be good for the country.  Instead, many of these projects had deservedly not received funding previously.  They were really only "shovel ready" in the sense that many of these projects should have been dead and buried.
The point is that voters may have been fooled by the abstract political rhetoric, but by 2010 they will be taking a critical look at results.  The cap and trade legislation is a predictable failure for the Democrats, for which they can only hope to minimize the adverse consequences long enough to avert defeat until people really recognize the full negative impact of this new government program.  It has taken other countries several years to realize how much harm such programs have done to their economies, so the Democrats may still hope that voters won't wake up to the harm they have done until after 2010.
Republicans need to go on an information offensive against cap and trade.  That means that they should avoid any pretense of offering minor amendments or alternative ideas on some of the details, even if that may serve some of the special interest groups they favor (i.e., selling us out to get something for their lobbyist friends in preparation for their own election races).  There needs to be principled unity among the Republicans, as on the stimulus bill, even if a few RINOs may defect again.  Voters will have their chance in 2010 to remind those RINOs that we don't favor specious, spineless weasels to represent our interests because we believe in something more important than keeping the incumbent in office forever.
Bottom line - cap and trade will be a pyrrhic victory for the Democrats.  It promises vague long-term benefits which will be very hard to prove, while presenting very real and growing tax costs and other economic damage as another new bureaucratic empire is created.  Let the Democrats become political zombies by forcing this economic catastrophe on all Americans, and then bury them in 2010.

The cap and trade legislation may actually be less harmful than potential international treaty obligations related to climate change, such as the Copenhagen summit plans in December 2009.  If President Obama signs such a treaty, Americans will need to mobilize to reject ratification of it.  A lot of damage can be done through legislation or regulatory changes, but much of that can potentially be reversed.  By contrast, harmful treaty obligations would be much harder to terminate - which is why the zealots have been working so feverishly behind the scenes to negotiate such agreements.  If you doubt this, watch the video of Lord Monckton's speech above, and check other sources.  The danger is real.

Background and news links / comments on the cap and trade debate
September 29, 2009 - Reuters FACTBOX: The path to enact a U.S. climate change bill - Comment: outlines the legislative process ahead.
September 22, 2009 - Obama: US `determined to act' on climate change - Comment:  Where is his lack of determination when we need it?
September 22, 2009 - UN climate summit puts China, India in spotlight - Comment:  Not really.  The environmentalist and socialist focus is on reversing the development of American capitalism and transferring wealth to developing countries as a focus of their utopian global social justice theories.
September 21, 2009 - AP: UN climate chief says China poised to lead - Comment:  This will provide political cover for the Obama administration to do more harm to the US economy by pushing the cap and trade legislation forward this fall in connection with the Copenhagen summit talks.  China needs to clean up the environmental nightmare which it has created in recent years, but that doesn't mean that the United States should adopt the suicidal cap and trade proposals.  It's a domestic issue for China, just at the USA adopted various environmental policies as a domestic policy decision in recent decades.
September 19, 2009 - Birth control could help combat climate change - Comment:   Why isn't anybody in the media charging that it is racist to encourage population control in developing countries?  Why is capitalism treated as evil, and yet progressive Eugenics is treated as wise environmental policy?
September 18, 2009 - Report: Climate bill costs could be modest - Comment:  When pigs fly.
September 15, 2009 - Obama administration unveils fuel economy rules - Comment:  Does it bother anybody else that this "will have the effect of taking 42 million cars off the road"?  Why should anybody believe that this will help the US auto industry?  "Cash for clunkers" mainly helped the imports.
September 15, 2009 - EPA to place limits on power plant water pollution - Comment:  To take effect after the 2010 and 2012 election cycles?  Note the unintended consequences of prior efforts to reduce air pollution. The real agenda seems to be to kill off the coal industry as a major source of American energy for the sake of the global warming alarmists and those who are pushing higher-cost alternative energy ideas on which they stand to make a lot of money.
September 5, 2009 - G-20 pledge continued economic stimulus - Comment: Pay attention to the preparations for the G20 Summit in Pittsburgh, as well as the Copenhagen summit later this year.  Do we really want the US government to collaborate with foreign governments to impose salary controls on bankers?  That is a very slippery slope.  Why should Americans and Europeans or others face the same salary cap rules?  This expands government power and control over industry, and such practices lead to greater corruption.  Meanwhile, blind faith commitment to the "stimulus" plan goes on.  Take a look at what was already happening back in January, while Americans were still sleeping.
July 9, 2009 - G-8 climate talks divide rich and poor countries - Comment:  Keep in mind that at this time last year the G-8 leaders were most worried about rising oil prices and inflation, showing relatively little concern about the economy, which they confidently expected to soon get better thanks to the actions they had already taken.  How is that working out for you?

They are just as clueless about the future this year - whether for the economy or political crises in the next year or the global climate for the next few decades.  Note the plans to focus on the Obama environmental agenda at the G20 summit in Pittsburgh this September.  It's easy for them to create new bureaucratic empires and waste our money on their latest big idea just to be seen as doing something.  Meanwhile, there's no backbone on dealing with real threats like Iran, N Korea, terrorism, etc.

July 8, 2009 - Obama, G-8 leaders agree on climate target - Comment:  Madness of crowds.  Why not just commit to destroying our economies?  Be honest about this agenda.
July 7, 2009 - Major economies to seek break on climate talks - Comment:  Getting ready for Copenhagen this December as follow-up to Kyoto.
July 7, 2009 - Obama officials urge Senate to act on climate - Comment: Wasting no time.
July 7, 2009 - Gore says climate deal needs more public pressure - Comment:  Still trying to ram his agenda down our throats.
Action Alert: "Cap and Trade" vote 6/26 to massively raise your taxes indirectly by stealth.  Obama implores Senate to pass climate bill - Please urge your Senator to reject it.

Don't take my word on it.  Even Warren Buffett (Obama fan) calls it a huge, regressive tax.  See the FreedomWorks alert about the cap and trade vote.  Call your Senator now!  If your Representative voted in favor of this terrible bill, remember it at 2010 election time.  See Michelle Malkin's summary of the "cap and tax" votes.  Official House roll call vote record.  Testimony by the Heritage Foundation about the economic impact of the cap and trade bill.

Action Alert:  House vote on cap and trade scheduled by Pelosi for Friday, June 26.  They are trying to slip this bill through while public attention is elsewhere.

See Mark Levin's list of key House members to contact urgently about this vote.  Make it clear that if they vote for this bill, you will actively work to defeat them in 2010.

Pay attention to this "cap and trade" issue.  This is a massive tax increase by stealth.  A recent blog entry from Americans for Prosperity was elaborated on Fox New Blogs - Fox Forum to explain how this may turn out to be a very regressive $1.3 - $1.9 trillion tax (or more) - and that's just the first 8 year estimate of a 40 year plan for which the costs will keep rising over time.  This will be a huge hidden tax burden on all Americans.  Use our Conservative Search tool to find what other observers are saying on this topic, or use the Republican Governors, Senators, or House search tools to see what these officials are saying about it.

June 27, 2009 - Questions and answers about the US climate bill - Comment:  First, why not stop the deception of calling it a climate bill, and focus on the fact that it is a massive tax bill?

Obama implores Senate to pass climate bill - please urge your Senator to reject it.

June 26, 2009 - Major energy-climate bill chugs toward House vote - Comment:  Still trying to ram through the largest tax increase in history by stealth and lies.  Let your member of Congress know that this vote will be remembered when the time comes to work to replace them.
June 24, 2009 - Support for climate bill grows among Democrats - Comment:  Still trying to ram it through while attention is focused elsewhere, such as the health care debate.
June 1, 2090 - Thousands of Progressives To Gather This Week to Forge 'America's Future Now" - Comment: The Organizing for America crowd and other Obama agenda supporters rally in DC.  Getting liberal activists ready to demonstrate, lobby, amd help ram through health care legislation.  See event schedule and their abusive commentaries about conservatives.  More loons than Minnesota.
May 30, 2009 - GOP belittles Democrats' climate change proposal - Comment:  "Belittles"?  Surely the AP can come up with a more accurate description for criticizing this latest insane proposal.
May 28, 2009 - Obama moves to curb road-building in forests - Comment: Note that, buried at the end of this story, is the point that the main impact of this change is to block a project in Alaska.  Of course, that's not politically motivated.  Which part of the Constitution provides this authority?
May 29, 2009 - Climate change causes 300,000 deaths a year - Comment:  Absurd drivel being spread by Kofi Annan and another group seeking publicity, blaming rich nations for harming the poor.  See the related story as context - African officials ask for climate change funding  It's just another excuse for North-South redistribution of wealth, as has been their social agenda for decades.

See this latest environmental alarmist study for the Japanese government as well.

May 27, 2009 Gov't: Carbon pollution to grow by 40 percent - Comment: Fresh climate change propaganda, just in time for the cap and trade debate and alternative energy spending plans.  See Al Gore news archive from February 19 and February 14 and Obama from February 24 for background, as well as the May 12 and 24 news below.  If there isn't a good crisis to exploit, create one.
May 26, 2009 - Govt announces money for green jobs and training - Comment: Wasting $4 billion on temporary work in urban housing projects in the name of creating middle class "green" jobs.  See more about how Joe Biden is redistributing your tax money at the "Middle Class Task Force"
May 26, 2009 - Global CEOs back greenhouse gas cuts, carbon caps - Comment:  Watch for this UN hot air conference to be used as a pretext now for pushing the costly cap and trade agenda here.
May 24, 2009 - Gore, others urge CEOs to back climate change deal - Comment:  Once again, there is allegedly no time to waste.  The UN and Gore insist that we must do their bidding right away as a matter of faith.
May 21, 2009 - Californians ‘Just Vote No’ Against Tax Hikes - Comment: The national news media sure seemed to be quick to treat this election as not newsworthy, just as the Democrats in Sacramento remain in denial about the need to change state spending.

May 22, 2009 - A Rising Anti-Government Tide - editorial by Newt Gingrich in the Washington Post

May 21, 2009 - White House Economic Team Touts Green Jobs as Key to Global Competitiveness - Comment: How "remarkable" that Obama's panel supports his agenda, especially when they are among those who will profit from "green" subsidies and mandates.
May 20, 2009 - Obama attends economic advisory board meeting - Comment: Board games to sustain the illusion that the "recovery plan" will create or save many jobs someday.
May 19, 2009 - Obama touts plan for cleaner, more efficient cars - Comment: Obama is "asking consumers" to pay for this?  Get real, AP.  He's imposing this on everyone as he kills our car industry.
May 16, 2009 - Dems' climate bill shy on tax credit help - Comment: Beware the American Clean Energy and Security Act - HR 2454 (pdf text).  They changed some provisions to try to make it easier to ram through this new "cap and trade" policy without people recognizing the full harmful costs of it at first.
May 16, 2009 - Obama hails efforts on clean energy, health care - Comment:  People aren't coming to the table to support his plans, but rather to try to avert the damage of being targeted.  This is beginning to resemble a protection racket, like "pay to play" machine politics.
May 13, 2009 - Environmental alarms raised over home electronics - Comment:  The International Energy Agency is now targeting the energy requirements of consumer electronics on the basis of the hypothetical global warming impact of the energy required to power such devices.  Another excuse for greater multilateral bureaucratic intervention in our lives to regulate everything which uses any energy.
May 12, 2009 - House Dems scale back plans to curb global warming - Comment:  They are still pushing their agenda forward - just backing off some details to deflect criticism.  They're calling it the "American Clean Energy and Security Act" rather than the Al Gore Environmental Extremist Act.  See Al Gore news archive from February 19 and February 14 and Obama from February 24 for background.
April 29, 2009 - US House passes budget plan endorsing Obama goals - Comment:  "Acting with unusual speed" = acting with reckless disregard of public objections to this budget plan, and against the votes of all Republicans and even 17 Democrats who were afraid to support it.  In effect, Nancy Pelosi and the Democrats just thumbed their noses at everyone who has dared to question their plans.
April 28, 2009 - Lawmakers advancing much of Obama's budget agenda - Comment:  The Tea Party movement, as in the Declaration of Independence, presented our grievances against this growing tyranny in a respectful and principled way.  Members of Congress chose to scorn us and do as they please.  They are abusing the power which was entrusted to them, disenfranchising tens of millions of Americans who did not vote for the Obama agenda or sign a blank check for statist tyranny.  They have chosen to declare war on us.  We now need to focus on the local organizational task of voting each of them out of office.  We also need protests at every appearance they make in their home districts.  They will not listen until they fear that their political careers are in real jeopardy. At this point, it is already too late for that.  It's time to select them out of American politics.
April 27, 2009 - Democrats announce agreement on budget pact - Comment: "Most importantly, the congressional budget plan would prevent Senate Republicans from delaying or blocking Obama's plan to vastly expand government-subsidized health care when it advances this fall."  Where is the outrage at this blatant abuse of power?  It's time for all Republicans to stand up and become as disruptive as possible before this harmful budget agenda is rammed through in legislation this spring, summer and fall.
April 24, 2009 - Congressional Democrats near agreement on budget - Comment: Near agreement on how to ram through health care, education, and very costly environmental changes and other priorities by blocking any chance of a Republican filibuster.  This is yet another example of the partisan intent by Pelosi and Reid to abuse their new power as fast as they can, before people wake up to it.  Stand up again on Memorial Day and July 4, as in the Tax Day Tea Parties, against this liberal insurgency.
April 24, 2009 - Gore pleads for unity on climate change, despite divide - Comment: Later version of the earlier stories below - now carefully edited to be even more partisan.  Did anybody challenge Gore's bold assertion that "If the United States leads, China will follow"?  He has no more solid evidence for that than the rest of his assertions, or Waxman's.  Where's the urgency to create a new form of taxation on air?

Here's Newt Gingrich's presentation and a link to his "Contract with the Earth" about green conservatism.

Here's what I wrote about this from an economic development perspective several years ago.  But don't take my word for it.  Try looking at the writings of Dr. Patrick Moore, one of the founders of Greenpeace, who is now reviled by the anti-capitalism ecological extremists on the left.  Here's his testimony before Congress about support for nuclear energy - which Al Gore, Obama and Congress won't even seriously consider.  That's because their focus is really on their own political and economic power, rather than the environment.  Here's another 2007 article by him, and a debate sponsored by The Economist in which he participated.

April 24, 2009 - Gingrich: Climate bill will punish Americans - Comment:  This social experiment is another government-sponsored economic disaster which will grow government power and destroy America.
April 24, 2009 - Gore: Congress must not bicker, act now on global warming - Comment:  Aside from the crushing costs of this plan, how about the conflicts of interest / financial benefits for Gore?  Look at who else is pushing this agenda too - such as GE, which stands to profit greatly from it, among others.  Remember all the leftist outrage about Halliburton contracts?  This is far worse.  Stand up to stop it cold.  Keep bickering!  Don't act now on global warming.  Focus on the American economy, not Gore's agenda.
April 19, 2009 - White House says GOP should be more constructive - Comment:  We agree.  The GOP can do so by stopping this Obama agenda now in Congress with any Democrats who will join them to achieve a better outcome than such proposals.  We don't expect the GOP leaders to just wring their hands and say no with no effect while all the new spending, taxes, debt, and changes to government programs get rammed through as fast as the Democrats can.  They need to do everything possible to stop this now - not simply wait to profit politically from all the damage in 2010.  We are not looking for the perfunctory political theater of token and ineffective objections.

We expect them to succeed at stopping this nonsense, or to at least do everything possible to delay it, stop it, or limit the damage of it!  We need for the GOP to actually lead by rallying millions of Americans to stand united against this.  Their poor leadership performance in recent years certainly does not give us much confidence.   That's why we needed a truly independent grassroots "Tea Party" movement of people who are still as mad at the GOP as at the aggressive new expansion of government powers and spending by the Democrats.

We don't expect them to just blame the Democrats and hope that their folly will lead to a GOP election victory in 2010.  We want them to do everything they can to stop this agenda now so that changes are not made in haste which will do lasting damage that we won't be able to readily reverse in the future.

It's not enough to just say no and quietly accept defeat in the hope of some future GOP electoral victory.  We expect the GOP leadership to do everything they can to achieve a better outcome than these Democratic proposals.  If not, all their political careers (both parties) will be on the line in 2010.

Members of Congress are not the puppets of the White House or their party.  Voters expect them to use their individual good judgment for the benefit of all Americans.  That includes their solemn oath to respect and defend the limits on federal government power as provided by our Constitution.  We will work very hard to defeat them in 2010 - regardless of party - if their service fails to merit that trust.

 April 18, 2009 - Congress back to deal with big issues, big goals - Comment: While Congress gets ready to push the liberal agenda and spending plans even further before Memorial Day, the Tea Party movement needs to move just as fast to get ready for Memorial Day and July 4.
April 18, 2009 - Congress weighs far-reaching global warming bill - Comment: Note the Obama threat to use regulatory powers by reinterpreting or changing the standards for old environmental laws if Congress doesn't pass the desired new legislation.  Tyranny through bureaucracy?
April 1, 2009 - Lawmakers sent huge petition backing Obama budget - Comment:  How timely, on April Fool's Day, as Congress prepares to ram through the budget with major new programs while using rules which prevent a filibuster in the Senate.  This petition of 642,000 supporters (as valid as ACORN voter registrations?) is the product of the recent Organizing for America push by Obama supporters, using his 12+ million campaign e-mail list and volunteers to gather "pledges" of support (without any significant details about the budget which they were supporting).

In fact, it's not really 642,000.  It's 1/3 of that amount - because this number counts each name three times - because the names are being copied to the 2 Senators and Representative for each.  Despite all the online networking and personal efforts of DNC organizers in the streets, they got only 214,000.

Let's see.  Obama got 66+ million votes in November.  Far less than 1% of them signed his budget petition.  Why is the AP so impressed by this lobbying stunt, but completely ignores the Tea Party movement?  Do we need to have 1 million protesters nationwide on April 15 before they will take this seriously?  Indeed, will that even be enough to impress them?

Here's another way of looking at it.  Mark Levin launched his new book, Liberty and Tyranny, at roughly the same time as the Obama pledge drive.  It already sold 700,000 copies- without being promoted through any of the liberal TV networks or newspapers (just Fox News and talk radio).  Which is more impressive?  Getting people to sign a vague petition, or to buy a book about conservative values?

April 1, 2009 - Promises, Promises: Obama tax pledge up in smoke - Comment:  Not one dime, remember?  This new tax on smokers was rationalized by linking it to children's health insurance.  This is still small change relative to the huge potential tax burden of the cap and trade legislation.  There will always be some rationale for taking away more money for some allegedly worthy liberal spending idea.
April 1, 2009 - Republicans propose big tax cuts, spending curbs - Comment:  Not that any of the Democrats are listening to their suggestions, of course, despite allegedly being open to alternatives.
March 28, 2009 - GOP says Obama budget threatens future prosperity - Comment:  Judd Gregg states the obvious differences on energy policy, health care, etc. as spending spirals out of control.
March 28, 2009 - Democrats, GOP duel over small business taxes - Comment: The link between higher tax rates and less job creation remains an argument which won't be settled by presentations of facts by politicians or interest groups on either side.  It is fundamentally an argument about whether government adds or destroys value beyond the shared need for some very basic social infrastructure.

The looters who believe in gaining benefits through larger government will favor more taxes at any cost, because they don't expect to be among those who must pay the tax costs.  Those who use resources efficiently to produce greater prosperity will want to reinvest in their own continued success, rather than hand more of their profits over to a growing government bureaucracy to spend on others as it pleases.

At some tipping point, it's just not worth the risks to invest in growing a business.  Consumers won't pay more for goods and services just because the businesses involved are facing higher tax burdens.

March 27, 2009 - AdWatch: A campaign-style blitz for Obama budget - Comment: New ad campaign coinciding with the Organizing for America push to lobby Congress for Obama's budget
March 21, 2009 AP Analysis: Obama rhetoric, reality clash  - Comment: "gingerly shifting positions"?  Are they kidding?  That's like saying that a ballerina who falls flat on her face in the middle of a performance showed great poise by getting up again and stumbling around in shock.
March 18, 2009 -  Commerce pick says nation needs new jobs strategy - Comment:  It needs to recognize that government doesn't create productive jobs by selectively favoring some industries.
March 14, 2009 - Republicans criticize Obama's budget plan - Comment:  They don't want to raise taxes until 2011 because they are already worried about losing the election in 2010.  This is about rewarding and retaining political power - not what works to create a stronger American economy.  See also Obama shifts to more upbeat economic message as the new spin of the day.
March 9, 2009 - AP Interview: Salazar pushes for wind energy - Comment: How about wind turbines between Congress and the White House?  Put their hot air carbon dioxide emissions to use.  Or how about propeller-head caps to readily identify those in Congress who are pushing wind farms?
Look back at this Financial Times column by Gideon Rachman - December 8, 2008 - "And now for world government".  We can give up our sovereign power through treaties - in effect, trumping our Constitutional protections if the President and Congress agree to subordinate us to global deals.
March 1, 2009 - AP Analysis: Playing to win could be a loser for GOP - Comment: Try not to laugh at this transparent attempt to intimidate Republicans with Democratic poll analysis.
February 27, 2009 - EPA says farm dust requires regulation - Comment:  Seriously.  Incredible.
February 24, 2009 - Obama calls for carbon cap regulation - Comment:  If mankind produces anything, even hot air, then government officials can justify regulating and taxing it, and spending billions for academics as well as expanded regulatory agencies to study and manage it.  What a concept.  See the notes below about Al Gore's significant stake in all this (February 19 and February 14).
February 20, 2009 - AP Interview: LaHood eyes taxing miles driven - Comment: Is this really an example of thinking "outside the box", or simply out of one's mind?  Is this really a Republican proposal?

Update February 20: LaHood's talk of mileage tax nixed - White House press secretary Robert Gibbs said "It is not and will not be the policy of the Obama administration".  Oops, yet another gaffe.

February 19, 2009 - Reid: Senate to take up climate change this year - Comment: Note the moves to kill any offshore drilling.  After slipping many billions into the stimulus bill (see Feb. 14 statement by Al Gore below), they're going to wait until the summer to talk about global warming.  After all, this has been a pretty harsh winter for many Americans, so they would rather push other spending priorities now.
February 14, 2009 - US Congress approves stimulus in major win for Obama - Comment: Note that Al Gore regards $31 billion as just at "downpayment" for fighting climate change. As another Democrat said, this is just "the first bite of the apple" as the regular budget cycle begins. Expect spending to quickly spiral out of control for one illusory crisis or fairness justification after another.
 February 14, 2009 - Statement by Former Vice President Al Gore, Chairman of the Alliance for Climate Protection, on Final Congressional Passage of the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 - Comment: Note that Gore just regards the billions in this bill as a "downpayment". This is just the first crack in the levee before a flood of other federal spending creates a needless global disaster.

For background, see Alliance for Climate Protection and their "We can solve it" campaign.  Ever wonder why they were investing $300 million in an advertising campaign last year?  Here's how it pays off.


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