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The list of websites below is for Republican United States Senators.  This custom search tool is for easy research across all of their websites so that it is easier to find their views on any topic, and how they may differ, including which issues facing Congress are their focus.  See for links to other information about the Senate, or other US Senators.


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Search results will appear below.  Example: search for health care, stimulus, or cap and trade.


A similar tool covers Republicans in the US House of Representatives and Republican Governors.

Refer also to the Senate Conservatives Fund  and the Senate Republican Conference

National Republican Senatorial Committee

This list is alphabetical by state See also: Surge by State listings
Alabama - US Senator Jeff Sessions
Alabama - US Senator Richard Shelby
Alaska - US Senator Lisa Murkowski
Arizona - US Senator John McCain
Arizona - US Senator Jon Kyl - Republican Whip
Florida - US Senator Mel Martinez
Georgia - US Senator Saxby Chambliss
Georgia - US Senator Johnny Isakson
Idaho - US Senator Mike Crapo
Idaho - US Senator James E. Risch
Illinois - US Senator Mark Kirk
Iowa - US Senator Chuck Grassley
Indiana - US Senator Richard G. Lugar
Kansas - US Senator Sam Brownback
Kansas - US Senator Pat Roberts
Kentucky - US Senator Mitch McConnell - Republican leader
Kentucky - US Senator Jim Bunning
Louisiana - US Senator David Vitter
Maine - US Senator Susan Collins
Maine - US Senator Olympia Snowe
Mississippi - US Senator Roger Wicker
Mississippi - US Senator Thad Cochran
Missouri - US Senator Kit Bond
Nebraska - US Senator Mike Johanns
Nevada - US Senator John Ensign
New Hampshire - US Senator Judd Gregg
North Carolina - US Senator Richard Burr
Ohio - US Senator George Voinovich
Oklahoma - US Senator Tom Coburn
Oklahoma - US Senator Jame M. Inhofe
Pennsylvania - US Senator Arlen Specter
South Carolina - US Senator Jim DeMint
South Carolina - US Senator Lindsey Graham
South Dakota - US Senator John Thune
Tennessee - US Senator Lamar Alexander
Tennessee - US Senator Bob Corker
Texas - US Senator John Cornyn
Texas - US Senator Kay Bailey Hutchison
Utah - US Senator Bob Bennett
Utah - US Senator Orrin G. Hatch
Wyoming - US Senator John Barrasso
Wyoming - US Senator Mike Enzi
Suggestions are welcome for updates, particularly as any changes occur between election years.

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